You must be at least 18 years old. Have a valid Ontario Drivers License or a co-signor with one. Gross monthly income of $2,000 per month (Minimum) and at least 3 months on the job to qualify for a car loan.

We have Zero Down options for qualified applications. Your present credit situation will determine the need for a down payment. The general rule is Prime buyers with good credit qualify for zero down financing. Subprime buyers in Ontario Canada generally should have at least $500 or 5% down and yes, trade-ins count as a down payment. It is always wise to be prepared to have a down payment and then be pleasantly surprised when one is not required.


It’s all based on your credit and vehicle of choice. We have zero down options available for qualified applicants.

No! There is no cost to fill out our online car loan application. However IF you use a Loan Broker or inexperienced dealer chances are there will be a cost to your credit score.

Our auto loan interest rates range from 4.99% to 29.9% depending on each individuals credit and type of vehicle being purchased. Once you’ve sent us your name, phone number and email address, a special finance representative will contact you to share your actual interest rate by phone.

Sometimes things happen in life that affects our credit in a negative way. We understand that every person and every situation is unique. We believe everybody deserves a second chance. Most of us have experienced hard times leading to a low credit score but that does not make us bad people! No matter what your credit situation is, we will find a way to get you an auto loan – it’s our specialty!

We do not share your information with any other companies with exception the lender we feel is best for your needs. No one will be sending you credit card offers.

This happens all the time, that’s what makes us the best. Our professionals have worked at chartered Canadian banks and know what the banks need and look for, not may dealerships can say that!

Once you send in your credit application we can determine what amount you can qualify for. The exact auto loan amount will depend on your credit.